Why we’re striving for 3rd place

Ridgeview Christian SchoolWe believe RCS can make the best impact when we are in our proper place: 3rd place. God instituted the family and the church as the two primary institutions in the life of a child. Both the family and the church are vitally important in the upbringing of a child.

What sets us apart as a school is the fact that we are intentionally designed to come alongside parents and echo what students are learning in church as they learn to make sense of their world from the truth of God’s Word.


Ridgeview Christian School

We do not set out to be a replacement for a family or an alternative to church. We believe we are most successful when we are intentional about supporting and lifting up the role of the family and the church in a child’s life.

We are a school for families who have parents actively engaged in their student’s life and the family is involved in church together. 

For us, 3rd Place is more than a catchy idea. It is the framework from which we attempt to make all of our decisions. We want to position ourselves to lift up parents of our students and not undermine them. We want to encourage and equip parents through new resources and special events.

Ridgeview is made up of families from a large number of churches in our area. We do not see these churches as competitors, but rather as partners in the vital ministry of the gospel. Doctrinal integrity is very important to us and is safeguarded by the leadership of Ridgeview Baptist Church. Sensitivity is given to various personal convictions.