Our Vision

Ridgeview Christian School Vision

Our Vision is for our students to Think and Lead for Kingdom Impact.

Think Biblically

The Bible is more than a book we use to read stories and memorize verses. The Bible is the active Word of God that reveals to us the Creator of the universe and the source of all truth. The big picture story of the Bible: Creation, Fall and Redemption sheds light on all of life as we know it. Our aim is for our students to learn not just stories and verses, but to learn to view every aspect of their lives through the lens of God’s Word. 

Think Critically

We live in the information age. We can access more information from a phone than any library holds. Our aim for our students is to learn how to think critically. This goes beyond facts into concepts. This goes beyond knowledge into wisdom. Wisdom is justly applied knowledge. 

Think Creatively

The first act of God in the story of mankind was creation. God created this world with variety, brilliant colors, tastes, smells, textures and sounds modeling for us ultimate creativity. Our aim for our students is to honor God by using creative thought in all areas. Not just the arts, but also the sciences.  

Lead Self

Our students are growing up in a world where blame is shifted to others and personal responsibility is a rare commodity. Our aim is for our students to lead themselves by taking full responsibility for their actions and attitudes and to learn the tools and strategies necessary to organize themselves to be productive citizens. 

Lead Others

If we as Christians are called to be salt and light, than we are called to be change agents; leaders in a world where going with the flow is easier than standing to make a difference. Our aim is for our students to become leaders in whatever sphere of influence God gives them. 

Kingdom Impact

All of our aims can be summed up in one rally cry: “For God’s Glory!”. In a world where education is typically framed in terms of self empowerment, we see a student’s time at Ridgeview as an incubator, preparing students to graduate not just with a diploma, but with a mission for God’s glory to impact His Kingdom rather than to expand our own. Whether our graduates go on to be teachers, doctors, nurses, entrepreneurs, pastors, missionaries or stay at home moms, we want them to be prepared to view their life through the lens of God’s Word as not just a career, but as a mission.