Diploma Programs

General Diploma

Purpose: To academically prepare students to enter a post high school vocational program or pre-university college program. 

The General Diploma program of study is best suited for those students who are planning a vocational career and plan to pursue vocational training in a specific field.

College Preparatory Diploma

Purpose: To academically prepare students to enter a four-year private or public university 
The advanced program of study is designed to meet the needs a student planning to immediately enroll in a 4-year university. The program of study should meet the minimum requirements to enroll in non-competitive universities. Although we cannot guarantee acceptance, this program of study is designed to meet these needs.

Honors Diploma

(Additional rates will apply)

Purpose: To academically challenge students and prepare them for acceptance in a competitive college/university .
The honors program of study is a program designed to set students apart. The students in this program will be challenged and pushed to meet their highest potential. They are students who are looking into competitive universities and college honors programs.

During their junior and senior years, Honors students will enroll in dual enrollment courses as Ridgeview partners with Liberty University Online. Upon graduating from the Honors program at Ridgeview, students will have also completed 30hrs of college credit to transfer to the college of their choosing.

For more information on our Honors Program, please click here.