Marcia Kauffman Library

Ridgeview Christian School Marcia Kauffman LibraryMrs. Kauffman was a devoted wife, follower of Jesus, and has been an influence on our school for many years. Ask high school students of their favorite class memories and undoubtedly you will hear them reminisce of sitting in Mrs. Kauffman’s class in elementary school and listening to her read. Her love for reading and learning affected so many. We cannot think of a better way to honor and memorialize her years of service, nor can we think of a better name for our new library than the Marcia Kauffman Library. We are grateful for the godly legacy that Mrs. Kauffman left behind. We are thankful for a new space that can allow a new generation of students to explore and wonder through the gift of reading. 

 The furniture in our new Library and LearningLab has been donated in memory of three special supporters of our school. Their names are Mrs. Lucille Byers, Mrs. Catherine Pettway, and Mr. Eddie Wright. Their legacies continue to impact a new generation. 

 Our shelves are not full yet, we have more books on the way. If you would like to contribute to our library through a donation, please contact the school office. 

Ridgeview Christian School Marcia Jauffmen Library
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Ridgeview Christian School Library
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