Ridgeview Christian School Admissions


The athletic court or field provides an excellent laboratory for life. Student athletes are trained to work together as a team to accomplish goals they never could on their own. They have to learn to put the teams best interests ahead of their own.  They have to learn to perform under pressure while maintaining self control. 


Halftime Hoopsters is an elementary coed basketball program that plays its games during the halftime of Varsity, JV and Middle School games. 


Opportunities for our Lady Crusaders currently include:

  • Middle School Volleyball (5th – 7th)
  • JV Volleyball (7th – 9th)
  • Varsity Volleyball (9th -12)
  • Middle School Basketball (5th – 7th)
  • JV Basketball (9th – 10th)


Opportunities for our Crusaders currently includes:

  • Varsity Soccer (8th – 12th)
  • Middle School Basketball (6th – 8th)
  • JV Basketball (7th – 10)
  • Varsity Basketball (9th -12th)
  • Varsity Baseball (8th -12th)

Upcoming Games

January 09
Saturday 1:00 PM
MS Girls Basketball vs United

January 09
Saturday 2:15 PM
MS Boys Basketball vs United

January 09
Saturday 3:30 PM
JV Boys Basketball vs United

January 11
Monday 4:30 PM
POSTPONED MS Girls Basketball @ Grace

January 11
Monday 5:30 PM
POSTPONED MS Boys Basketball @ Grace

January 11
Monday 6:00 PM
Varsity Boys Basketball vs Regents

January 12
Tuesday 5:00 PM
Varsity Girls Basketball @ United

January 12
Tuesday 6:30 PM
Varsity Boys Basketball @ United

January 14
Thursday 4:30 PM
JV Boys Basketball @ Grace

January 14
Thursday 6:00 PM
Varsity Girls Basketball @ Grace