Open House

Thursday, February 15th

5:00p – 8:00p

Open House is an incredible opportunity to get to meet and interact with our teachers and other staff.  Open House includes a tour of our campus as well as a chance to talk one-on-one with our teachers and Admissions team. You will have your questions answered and get to know the heart of our staff. 

Please RSVP for Open House

Tour Schedule

5:00: Kindergarten or 7th-12th Grade
5:20: 1st – 3rd Grade
5:40: 4th – 6th Grade

6:00: Kindergarten or 7th-12th Grade
6:20: 1st – 3rd Grade
6:40: 4th – 6th Grade

7:00: Kindergarten or 7th-12th Grade
7:20: 1st – 3rd Grade
7:40: 4th – 6th Grade